Dragon’s Miracle was founded on the knowledge of “healing life naturally” 

Through two generations, we’ve taken this healing philosophy and now deliver the Wisdom of Nature through our unique products 

We go to great lengths in bringing you only the finest natural ingredients for holistic health. Our intention is always to nourish body and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole foods and herbs. 

In honor of Simeon, welcome to Dragon’s Miracle! Dragon’s Miracle is not a company – it’s a legacy!  



Mayco continues in his father’s footsteps, bringing a wealth of generational wisdom to Dragon’s Miracle. As a visionary man and life-long athlete, Mayco is on a mission to continue down the path of “Healing Life Naturally” 

After helping the adult community with hip surgery, sciatic nerve pain, knee and lower back issues, Mayco has built a deep bond treating their debilitating discomforts.  

Driven by integrity and his father’s blessing, the legacy of Dragons Miracle was denoted! 

 Growing up with my older brother Harrywe both were competitive athletes that sustained numerous injuries during our youth and early adult years. To treat our injuries, we both utilized our father’s plant-based Chinese formula and found rapid healing from its useIn fact, my brother reaped serious rewards from a potentially life-altering experience. 

During 2003, he was in a motorcycle accident that required being airlifted to Mount Sinai Hospital; hhad suffered fractures and short-term memory lossSeeking an alternative to surgery, my father performed natural healing with his formula 4 times a day for 1 month straight. During this period, my brother began healing much more rapidly than expected and this was all achieved without any risk from traditional surgery.  

It was an astonishing recovery. 

As the years and decades passed, I began sharing the same affinity and fascination in the understanding of how my father’s selected natural ingredients truly healed in a miraculous way.  

My father and I always saw a way of “Healing Life Naturally”. 

The bond between the two of us (father and son) was always recognized. However, during this special time in our lives, the relationship grew closer and closer- a metaphorical passing the torch from one generation to the next.  

Stemming from a fascination with humanity and the laws of nature, I began formulating my own remedies.  

Today, my formula combined with the natural formulas from my father, we have helped hundreds of customers, relatives and friends.



Born in Peru, Simeon was a naturally driven man, who’s core values were living a selfless life that exuded only care and compassion for others. 

He dedicated his life, to the natural remedies derived from his roots. Simeon was a man of great integrity and will forever be the D.N.A. of Dragon’s Miracle.

From birth in Peru to spending his youth in China, Simeon had a life-changing experience just before leaving the Mainland. This would later be identified as his personal epiphany – he saw Mother Nature’s ability to heal the human-body in a way that few would ever know! 

He’d known of the healing benefits that natural herbs and botanicals offered; but he witnessed first-hand how they worked in harmony when healing a severe injury that looked to be life-debilitating! This first-hand experience, led to his fascination of all-natural remedies and ultimately became his life-work. 

With an unwavering interest in natural herbs and botanicals - Simeon expanded his research and learned about the medicinal benefits that Peru’s natural foliage had to offer. With a collective understanding of Chinese and Peruvian natural herbs and botanicals, he began the creation of his early formulas – in which many of these formulas are still used today.   

In memory of one of the finest human-beings to ever grace our planet, thank you Simeon for bestowing your gifts into the masses – your legacy will eternally live on through Dragon’s Miracle!