5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System
By Akeel Muhammad,
5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Sleep | Sunshine | Exercise | Water | Stress-Less


As most know, our Immune System is complex. There are many ways in which aid in the promotion of a healthy Immune System and believe it or not; most are natural. Every day, we make choices; be that positive or negative; healthy or unhealthy. If you’re looking for some simple ways in which to remain healthy, here are 5 Natural Ways in which you can begin today.



We all want more of it, but most of us do not get enough. The simple fact of the matter is, getting plenty of sleep is one of the easiest and most natural ways for us to maintain a healthy Immune System. When we allow our bodies the necessary time to shut down and rest, we’re giving our hearts a ‘break’. What does this mean? Our hearts are the foundation of our being. We’re not going to get into the inner workings of the way our hearts operate; however, at its core function, it is the way in which it regulates our blood pressure. Lack of sleep is directly correlated with worsening our blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These two culprits are the leading cause of heart disease and strokes. Now, we’re not saying that plenty of sleep will completely cure blood pressure and cholesterol levels; however, you’ll reduce their likelihood with plenty of rest at night.




The benefits we receive from the gleaming light in the sky are truly endless. The natural sunlight produces Vitamin D, which is vital in maintaining a Strong Immune System. Vitamin D promotes both skin and bone health while decreasing inflammation. Besides giving our skin that attractive, ‘brownish tone’, this natural Immune Booster also reduces depression, which is a leading cause of an array of issues. So, take a few minutes out of your day and give your skin the natural benefits from the sunshine above.





The number of Immune System benefits derived from daily exercise deserves an entire article on its own. When we see the physical results from a daily exercise routine, what we don’t see are the results that are occurring inside our bodies; which are far more important. Yes, we all want to look good on the outside, however without a Strong Immune System, looking good physically, would be the least of your concerns. With the global pandemic we’re all currently exposed to, maintaining a daily exercise routine (even inside your home), will strengthen your Immune System; which in turn fights off infectious diseases. This will play a vital role in maintaining a healthy Immune System and allow it to function at its very best; and that is key now more than ever.




Without water, life doesn’t exist. Our bodies can go more than three weeks without food but without water, we won’t be able to survive more than three days, that’s how important water is in our lives. Like sleep, sunshine, and exercise; the benefits of water are endless. From controlling weight, maintaining healthy skin, reducing toxins, boosting energy, fighting infectious disease; the list truly goes on and on. Studies have shown, that eight 8-ounce glasses a water a day, promotes a healthy Immune System; this is equal to 2 liters. Spread the intake throughout the day and it will also regulate your digestive system. Get creative; add slices of lemon or oranges to your glass, which adds additional benefits from the fruit themselves. Water is life.



Yes, we know; it’s easier said than done. Living a stress-less life is so unbelievably crucial to a Healthy Immune System. When we stress the ability of our immune system to fight off antigens is reduced. Also, your body produces great levels of the hormone cortisol, which opens the door for more inflammation. That’s why it is called the ‘silent killer’ because you can’t see it happening; although there are signs our body will give us adrenaline when stress is taking over our lives. The Key is to listen to your body and learn to make the necessary adjustments to mitigate stresses in your life. Slow breathing in stressful situations, truly makes a difference. This simple, yet effective trick will give signals to your brain that everything is okay. Try it next time you are in a stressful situation.

Sleep, Sunshine, Exercise, Water and a Stress-Less Life Are the Basics for a Strong Immune System

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