Immune Support – Focusing on What We Can Control (Part 1 of 2)
By Chris Waage,
Immune Support – Focusing on What We Can Control (Part 1 of 2)


Senseless – Turmoil – Removing – Emotional – Sensible – Solutions

Let’s discuss the abbreviation of stress and how each has a direct effect on its counteraction of our Immune Support: Senseless, Turmoil, Removing, Emotional, Sensible, Solutions.


Senseless. By definition, senseless can be summarized as something that is lacking of mental perception, appreciation, or comprehension. It can also mean, to put it bluntly, a person’s stupidity or foolish action. Furthermore, you can describe senseless as something being nonsensical or meaningless. Therefore, a person in a senseless state of being, has ultimately put themselves there – it becomes self-imposed.


Turmoil can be described as being in a state of heightened commotion, confusion, and/or disturbance. Again, self-imposed.


Removing in this regard, is psychologically moving away from a place of peace and/or calmness into the exact opposite mental state.


Emotional, as it pertains to stress, becomes someone that is easily affected by their emotions, possibly without legitimate reasoning.


Sensible is quite a positive word, however, not in terms of stress. It basically means someone highly aware of having, using, and/or showing good, sound judgement. 


Solutions is another positive word, but again, not when it’s connected to stress. To put it in simple terms, solutions is the state or act of solving problems and/or questions.


Of course, most already know the meaning of each of these words, however when you truly think about them as one, it becomes a bit chaotic – a self-imposed chaos.


When we talk about stress, we’re talking about worrying about something that hasn’t occurred yet – it’s actually something that hasn’t happened. We tend to make these ‘blockbuster’ movies in our heads about a particular negative situation that may or may not even occur.


It’s quite interesting when you stop to think about what actually comes to pass and what doesn’t. So, in retrospect, most of the self-imposed stress is for nothing at all.


Now think about how this senseless chaos, in which we imposed onto ourselves, may affect what you don’t see, the inside of our bodies – our Immune Systems.


In today’s modern medicine, it is widely recognized that the mind and body are closely connected in how they affect one another. Emotional stress has been related to a wide range of illnesses, such as heart disease, rashes, and stomach distress. Despite the difficulties, researchers are constantly finding parallels between stress and how it directly affects the performance or lack thereof in our Immune System.


Stress is arguably one of the leading causes of many diseases in our bodies. Period, full stop. Of course, it is not that black and white, however, when you truly think about the negative effects stress brings onto our health, it becomes part of the conversation when talking about our overall Immune Support.


The question here is, what can we do, today, to support our Immune System? What is something each and every one of us can do, despite our current physical health? In short, manage stress. Managing stress is something we have complete and total control over. Do we really have to sit and worry about something that may or may not happen next week? Of course, we don’t.


Think about the last time you were stressed about something; how did you physically feel? There’s a high probability you felt a bit sick to your stomach with a possible headache on top of it. Now, these were symptoms that you could immediately feel, but what about the symptoms that you weren’t aware of? The symptoms that were brewing inside; these symptoms would be far worse than anything you were currently feeling with lasting effects that a simple dose of Advil wouldn’t fix.

Focus on what you can control.



In addition to living a stress-free life, the advancement in technology has given each of us the ability to source alternatives in maintaining a healthier life that inevitably operates with a strong Immune System. The reality is, not knowing is simply not an excuse anymore. Therefore, more and more people are seeking out alternative ways to keep their health in ‘tip-top’ shape! There are options that aid in the process of Immune Support and Dragons Miracle offers a solution to do just that.

Dragons Miracle, a leading holistic health provider, features their Brand New Life Shield Immune Support with the miracle of monolaurin. With monolaurin being the main ingredient, along with its 9-powerhouse plant-based ingredients, Life Shield is becoming an essential part of daily lives everywhere.


Through two generations, we’ve taken this healing philosophy and now deliver the Wisdom of Nature through our unique products.


We go through great lengths in bringing you only the finest natural ingredients for holistic health. Our intention is always to nourish body, mind and soul with the healing intelligence of pure whole foods and herbs.

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