Immune Support – Focusing on What We Can Control (Part 2 of 2)
By Chris Waage,
Immune Support – Focusing on What We Can Control (Part 2 of 2)


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Stress isn’t simply black and white -  it can actually be challenging to clearly define. A scenario that could seem stressful to one individual may not be to another. When people are subjected to conditions they perceive as stressful, it can be challenging for them to quantify their level of stress, and it can be challenging for someone to determine whether a person's subjective assessment of their level of stress is accurate. The only really true measurement that can indicate stress are things like how many times the heart beats per minute, but these measurements can easily indicate other aspects occurring in an individual.


Regardless of the “culprit” that may be behind the stress one endures; the result will most certainly have a negative affect on ones Immune System.


With that said, most researchers of stress in humans, ultimately find the link between stress and Immune Support actually focus on chronic stress rather than sudden, transient stressors, such as those brought on by interactions with others or for example, persistent difficulties in performing effectively at one's job.


We have learned that stress can be a result of numerous causes. Regardless of the source, stress causes your body to produce the hormone cortisol. This occurs by reducing the quantity of lymphocytes (a type of immune cell that is made in the bone marrow and is found in the blood and in lymph tissue) in the circulation and obstructing normal white blood cell communication. In addition, cortisol can reduce the ability of your Immune System to fend against invaders, which of course in turn, has a negative effect in terms of our Immune Support.


Going back to the previous article (Part 1), we covered how many of us self-impose unnecessary stress onto ourselves that ultimately was for nothing. Because the very thing we were stressing about, never actually came to pass. This is what we mean by ‘focusing on what we can control’.


Immune Support isn’t something that we can’t take part in, it’s not luck – it takes consistent effort to maintain a solid Immune System – and it begins with you. It begins with your mindset, the stress you have allowed to infiltrate into your life – is it truly warranted? Chances are, it most certainly is not.


Chronic stress is something that needs to be addressed and not swept under the rug. The simple fact is, stress directs the body's metabolic resources away that are designed for our Immune Support, in order to deal with the problem at hand. To put it bluntly, stress weakens your Immune System and for no reason other than the ‘blockbuster movie’ you’ve made in your mind.


Ultimately, when we think of stress in our life, we need to look a bit deeper at the actual source. A very simple question you can ask yourself about the stress you are feeling is, “do I have the ability to alter the outcome of the very thing I am stressing about, simply by overthinking about it”? There’s a very high probability the honest answer to that question is and astounding NO! The foundation for the solution, can therefore be addressed immediately, which will naturally reduce the level of stress you are feeling. And guess what? By doing so, you had a direct and positive role in supporting your Immune System by halting the increase of cortisol in your system itself. 


Immune Support begins with what we can control, so it’s definitely worth repeating, focus on what you can control.


In addition to living a stress-free life, the advancement in technology has given each of us the ability to source alternatives in maintaining a healthier life that inevitably operates with a strong Immune System. The reality is, not knowing is simply not an excuse anymore. Therefore, more and more people are seeking out alternative ways to keep their health in ‘tip-top’ shape! There are options that aid in the process of Immune Support and Dragon's Miracle offers a solution to do just that.

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