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LifeShield  10:1 powerful herbal Blend formula to protect and support your immune system.


  • Assist the body in adapting to daily stress
  • Support heart, respiratory, and digestive function
  • Boost brain function
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Promote good sleep
  • Delivers antioxidants
  • Increase energy

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Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality
Margaret Schomer (Lexington, US)

Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality

Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality
Kardelen yasar (Istanbul, TR)
Thank you Life Shield!

I used to get sick all the time because my immune system was not strong. After I tried this product, I started feeling much better, energetic and strong physically. The most important thing is that it is formulated with a natural and clean ingredients. Thank you Life Shield. Highly recommend it!

Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality
Gulden Secilmis (Boca Raton, US)
The only product you need for your immune health

I and my family use this product along the novel covid pandemic and protected well. Years of experience and detailed work is the result and all natural ancient recepies are the real miracle✨

Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality
Florentina SylaChu (Lake Worth, US)
Amazing Product!!!

I don’t usually write reviews but I really wanted to share my experience with this product. A friend recommended Life Shield for immune support when I was feeling sick and within a day or so I started feeling better. I love that the ingredients are all natural! Thanks for making such a great product!

Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality
Customer (Lake Worth, US)
Strongly Recommend

Life Shield has been wonderful for me. I have been taking it for over 1.5 yrs every day. I used to get really sick a minimum of once a year, but I have not gotten sick since I started with this product. It is an amazing product and the best part is the ingredients are all-natural. Strongly recommend it to everyone

"SIMEON THE GREAT" - 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief SPRAY- 4 oz
Customer (Lake Worth, US)
Back and shoulder pain gone

In 2003, at a young age, I had a motorcycle accident. I flew 60 feet from my bike in the middle of the highway. I was airlifted to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where I suffered from many fractured bones, road rashes, herniated disks, etc. The pain throughout my body has gotten worst as I have grown older. I was introduced to Dragons Miracle and, indeed, it has been a miracle. The constant throbbing pain has nearly vanished and I owe it to the cream. I religiously put this cream every day and night. I don't know what this cream has, but it keeps working for me.
Thank you Dragon's Miracle

Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality
Carolyn Oberting (Boston, US)
Amazing Product

I've been taking Life Sheild for the past 8 months and as an acupuncturist, have been exposed to many people that are not well. I have been perfectly healthy and have not gotten even a sniffle. I highly recommend this product to help boost your immune system and fend off all viruses.

Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality
Robert Camuto (Boca Raton, US)
Best Product I Ever Had for Immune support

A friend of mine told me about this product and how it help him get rid of his flu and sinus issues. knowing that there are so many Immune support products in the Market i decided to give it a shot because i'm always around people. This Product really works... No joke and it gives you energy also which is unreal .. Thanks the miracle inside this vegetarian capsules!!! thank you guys keep up the Good work Naturally...

Life Shield - Cold And Flu Vitality
Carolyn Oberting (Needham, US)
Amazing Product!

I haven’t gotten sick at all since taking this product, even though lots of people have been sick around me.

Feeling healthy

I'll recommend to everybody. Watch my video

Grate Product

It's helping a lot with my immune system, I feel a lot better.

Great Product

Life Shield is My first responder for my immune system.

It's so good


This Product it's Amazing !!!

Prevent COVID_19

These Inmune System Capsules are amazing! A few years ago I was diagnosed with bronchitis and then pneumonia. Taking antibiotics is hit or miss for me. Sometimes work. Sometimes they don’t. These Life Shield Capsules always make either feel better or recover more rapidly.

Life Shield boosts my immune system.

I’m going to be 59 this December and my immune system was compromised about 25 years ago. I had 53 radiation treatments for hodkin’s lymphoma. As a result, I often have a dry irritated throat and acid reflux and some congestion. I’m a hot mess(lol)! When the tickle in my throat seems chronic I take one of these capsules and it’s gone in 3 days. It’s like it gives my immune system a hand in fighting whatever is irritating my insides.

got rid of my flu in 2 days

This product is amazing!! i knew some of the ingredients but didn't know how incredible the other ones are. i guess is the formulation. my flu was better 60% the next day and gone the 2nd day . Thank you guys for having a one of a kind product that works ... the best thing is that is all Natural..

"SIMEON THE GREAT" - 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief CREAM - 4 oz
Arthritis Gone !!

ok so i tried many products in the market and had cortisone shots once a months for my hands. my friend swears by this new cream he's been using that purchased from the Boca Raton Green Market . i tried this cream and immediately i felt 50% better in less than an hour . i purchased the cream and in 3 days the pain was gone . how can this happen after so many years in pain? thank you Dragons Miracle for having a natural solution for me and others . i will always be a customer ..

"RELIEF" - FREE SAMPLE- 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief CREAM - 0.20 oz
April Hodges
Miracle Cream

I have suffered in pain for years due to being allergic to prescription pain meds. Recently at my son's wedding our friend Mayco gave me saple of this Amazing Miracle Cream to try! I was astonished that withing SECONDS my pain had subsided! I had taken a bad fall fracturing my hand & wrist..this cream took away the pain literally in seconds after rubbing it on!
A Miracle Blessing in a small jar with enormous results! Get yours today..don't suffer another day!

"SIMEON THE GREAT" - 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief CREAM - 4 oz
Pearl Star Elblink
A true miracle!!!

I had a foot injury and decided to try the free sample of “Simeon The Great”. I must say that I was very surprised to find out after only 3 days using, that my foot was looking and feeling much better! The pain it was almost all gone and the bruising it was disappearing! So to make my story short, I must say that my foot get cured by this cream! I recommend it!!!!

"RELIEF" - FREE SAMPLE- 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief CREAM - 0.20 oz

Great product!

"RELIEF" - FREE SAMPLE- 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief CREAM - 0.20 oz
Alexis Duran
Fast relief!

I used a small amount to treat back pain due to stress and result were almost immediate.
Got rid of my discomfort for a long period of time.

"SIMEON THE GREAT" - 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief CREAM - 4 oz
It’s A True Miracle

I injured myself on the lower part of my chest several days ago and had difficulties breathing. Every time I try to inhale, I had excruciating pain. I couldn't sleep, the pain was just to strong. The next day, I mentioned it to my friend and he told me about "Dragon’s Miracle" and how well it has worked for the pain he had in his legs for years and now none existing. He gave me one of the samples he had. I was skeptical at first, but since it was all natural and smelled good, I gave it a try. I applied it before going to bed and again the next morning and I couldn't believe by that afternoon the pain was complete gone and I was able to breathe normal and sleep for 8 hours that night. This product is a "true miracle “I can’t believe I'm even saying that, but it's one of the most amazing products I got my hands on, this product should be available in stores everywhere. I will always keep a bottle around one never knows. I highly recommend "Dragon’s Miracle" to everyone.

"RELIEF" - FREE SAMPLE- 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief CREAM - 0.20 oz
Terry Fallis
Amazing family!

So my brother in law tells us he’s registered us for some 5K Fun Glow thing. Never heard of it. So I’m pumped since it’s my second 5K ever. We get to the course and see some vendors. We were told the day before to check our Naked CBD. We do and they’re cool. Good products and all. Then we notice these 🐉 Miracle folks. I go and check them out. Best part of the whole event was getting to know the brothers (mom too) and learning about their life story and their father’s passion. They gave me a sample and applied it before the race on my shins. So glad I did. I was able to run longer with less walking through the course! Applied the rest after the race which reduced the soreness. Family loved it too! It works ! Thanks family for sharing. Your an inspiration to us all! Will be shopping online over the weekend!!!

"SIMEON THE GREAT" - 100% Natural Plant-Based Anti-Inflammatory Pain Relief CREAM - 4 oz
Louis Datz
This cream got rid of my knee pain and tendinitis.

I'm 57 and I came to the rude awakening this year that I can't work out like I did at age 27. I overdid it a couple of months ago and I developed tendinitis in both shoulders and my bad knee (from a couple of operations) was keeping me up at night. I tried the cream at first and it didn't do too much. Then, the owners of Dragon's Miracle told me I had to rub the cream on my knee and shoulders generously and vigorously. The pain level in my knee and shoulders has gone from a 4 or 5 to less than a 1.