Astragalus – Boosting a Lowered Immunity
By Chris Waage,
Astragalus – Boosting a Lowered Immunity

The Far-East is known to utilize an assortment of natures gifts in their healing of certain health conditions and Astragalus is one of these gifts that mother earth has provided for us all to use. The properties found in Astragalus have been proven to be quite helpful in combating those with lowered immunity – especially with regards to fatigue.


It has been shown that taking Astragalus root regularly over a period of months can enhance resilience if you frequently get the flu or other viral infections or if your immune system is otherwise compromised. If you've had blood work done that revealed low white blood cell counts, the value of Astragalus is probably greater.


If the respiratory issues have an allergic component, such as if they worsen in the spring and summer or when mold levels are high, such as in the moist autumn and winter months, it may have further benefits.


Astragalus was a traditional treatment for states of persistent fatigue because the aforementioned symptoms frequently go hand in hand with low energies. This is particularly useful if the weariness is considered to be "post-viral" or if it is associated with decreased appetite.


Traditional Chinese medicine's first-choice herb for treating exhaustion is Astragalus.


In Taiwan and China, hospitals primarily employ this herb to aid in the recovery of stroke victims. This supports its role in fostering resilience and also suggests a benefit for a variety of circulatory issues. When weariness and poor energy worsen cardiac symptoms and circulation issues, it can offer safe background support for other treatments.


It’s worth noting to look for dried root powder supplements for the greatest benefit, and only use liquid forms that have been meticulously prepared to remove the polysaccharides and saponins.


Additionally, the root has a long history of usage in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a tonic for fatigue, particularly when there is a loss in appetite, sweating without cause, and/or diarrhea. Furthermore, to lessen blood loss and enhance kidney performance. and to recover from extreme blood loss due to uterine hemorrhage, organ prolapse, postpartum fever, and other conditions.


Up until recently, a large portion of the clinical study literature was written in Chinese and published in China, where intravenous Astragalus extract prescriptions are a common medical practice. By avoiding the digestive breakdown of polysaccharides, this method of application produces a treatment that is not equivalent to that of conventional oral ingestion. Astragalus is applicable in combination with other components according to previous research material.


Immune System: In vitro research has shown that Astragalus potentiated interleukin 2 LAK (lymphokine- activated killer) produced cell cytotoxicity and significantly increased cytotoxicity of natural killer cells. Nine out of ten cancer patients had their T-cell activity restored by Astragalus. Astragalus polysaccharides have been shown to have immune-boosting activity in vitro and to be effective at enhancing lymphocyte responses in both healthy individuals and cancer patients


Astragalus has also proven to be beneficial as an anti-viral through a variety of ways, most notably through influencing the immune system and boosting interferon production. These results have also been shown in clinical trials, where a high percentage of participants with chronic viral hepatitis saw a 70% success rate. Most of the time, increased glutamic pyruvic transaminase levels returned to normal after only a very short period of time – approximately one to two months.




Nervous system: Astragalus was found to improve tiredness scores compared to a placebo in a random preliminary controlled clinical trial among stroke survivors. It raised scores for overall quality of life, social functioning, and cognitive functioning.


Cardiovascular system: A supplement containing an Astragalus extract was reported to enhance cholesterol balance and decrease TNF- (a measure of inflammation) in individuals with metabolic syndrome (a precursor to diabetes) in a double-blind crossover clinical experiment. When Astragalus was given to conventional prescriptions in cases of postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome, benefits for heart function were also observed.


Once again, mother-earth continues to provide us with everything we need. The proven benefits of Astragalus on our Immune System alone, is more than enough to encourage all of us to incorporate Astragalus into our daily lives.

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