Battling the Common Cold with Echinacea
By Chris Waage,
Battling the Common Cold with Echinacea

Found only in Eastern and central areas of North America, Echinacea belongs to the daisy family and is considered to be a herbaceous flowering plant. These coneflowers, as they are often referred to, tend to thrive in these particular areas in the states, extending from Colorado down to Texas and up to the Great Lakes where you find moist to dry, sprawling land.


The raised cone-like center has accurately given Echinacea its name “coneflower”, which coincidently attracts butterflies and bees.


Echinacea, the genus name for coneflowers, refers to the plant's frequently prickly bottom stem, which interestingly enough, discourages deer from consuming them. Coneflowers’ genus name Echinacea comes from the Latin name for hedgehog, echinus.

“A flower does not think about competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

– Zen Shin



In addition to Coneflower, Echinacea is known by a few other names as well - Black Sampson, Rudbeckia, and/or Sampson Root. The plant is arguably one of the most widely used herbal supplements that is sold in North America, predominantly the United States.


Echinacea has been found to be an effective remedy with regards to fighting the common cold and flu. Data shows the plant can lessen the strength of these viruses that take over our Immune System; especially during the cold, winter months. Echinacea, according to research, significantly reduces your chance of getting a cold by a significant 58%. Additionally, using Echinacea reduced cold duration by one to four days and that timeframe alone, should be more than enough proof to encourage all of us to reach for Echinacea in times when the body is beginning to show symptoms of the common cold and/or flu.


These coneflowers aid in strengthening our Immune System by helping the body fight various infections. Echinacea has also been found to reduce symptoms like fever, coughing and the irritating sore throat - that tends to strengthen at night; ultimately interfering with a good night's sleep.


According to additional research, Echinacea extract may reduce the risk of recurring respiratory infections and consequences including pneumonia, ear infections, and tonsillitis that are linked to respiratory infections.

It’s worth noting that in addition to battling the common cold and flu, Echinacea is also found to be an excellent source for wound healing.


Your body begins the natural healing process after a skin wound by inducing the inflammatory response. That said, your immune system may delay that response if you're under stress – and by now, we all know that stress can lead to an array of issues within our bodies. Echinacea has been proposed as a method to hasten wound healing since it is utilized to influence the immune system.


Despite the many factors affecting the various Echinacea supplement forms that are available in today’s marketplace, it is still a highly well-liked supplement for boosting the immune system, accelerating wound healing, in addition to treating skin disorders. 


The plant famously known as the coneflower, has been used for many, many years with relatively very few adverse responses reported, despite the lack of clear evidence. Echinacea may be beneficial if you want to increase your resistance to illnesses including colds and upper respiratory infections, itchy skin, or slow wound healing. It is definitely worth a conversation if you're a patient, and if so, it’s highly suggested that you inquire about using Echinacea in your wellness regimen with your integrative healthcare physician.


More and more, we are learning the vast array of benefits that mother-earth provides for just about anything our bodies may require. Natural remedies are undoubtedly far less harmful to our bodies than the chemicals found inside leading medication that is sold across the globe.


Therefore, it’s worth taking the time to educate yourself on the very best options when it comes to maintaining a healthy life.

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