Camu Camu – A Beneficial Superfood on the Rise
By Chris Waage,
Camu Camu – A Beneficial Superfood on the Rise

Continuing with our last article regarding Camu Camu, we want to keep things simple. The goal here is to simply break down a few of  the top benefits of incorporating this superfood into your daily diet. Aside from these tart berries being a very rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants, Camu Camu also contains an elevated amount of potassium, calcium, and magnesium – which are arguably the top 3 minerals in a healthy body.


Immune System


Let’s begin with what we consider to be at the top of the list (especially in today’s infectious world) – our Immune System. The vitamin C concentration of Camu Camu is one factor in its high nutritional value. It’s worth repeating that it has the highest vitamin C content of any fruit that is currently known to exist. And vitamin C protects against everything from the common cold to the development of diseases.


Healthy Heart


Aside from Camu Camu being a dependable source of a strong Immune System, Myrciaria dubia – which is another name for Camu Camu, has also been found to support our hearts. Numerous other characteristics that have already been mentioned in our previous article as well as above, are all correlated with a healthy heart. Your heart and entire cardiovascular system, remain healthy when your cholesterol levels are regulated and healthy. Normal levels of good cholesterol (which is considered HDL) is supported by Camu Camu.




Despite your age, the aging process is always a topic of discussion. Anything and everything we can do to somehow slow the aging process; we most certainly look into. Camu Camu has been found to not slow the process per se, but it definitely aides in the inevitable process nonetheless, in a healthy way.


Our bodies are constantly changing; with regards to maintaining a balance between your exposure to free radicals from the environment and those created by your own body. Antioxidants fight free radical formation and keep you healthy by preventing it from happening – it’s an ongoing battle that your body naturally goes through.


With that said, your body may create fewer naturally occurring antioxidants as you age or if/when you become ill. To stay up and aid in protecting against disease, skin aging, and other things, further supplementation is therefore necessary.


In walks the superfood, Camu Camu.


It has been found that Camu Camu helps to shield our healthy cells against damage to themselves – in addition to fighting against free radicals. The high antioxidant content found in Camu Camu from vitamin C, plays a significant role in this anti-aging process; which let’s face it, is highly beneficial. Your body is naturally stronger and healthier because of the numerous antioxidants and phytonutrients it contains, which work to combat the free radicals it encounters.


Maintaining a Healthy Weight


Last on our simplified list of highly beneficial properties found in Camu Camu is weight loss.


Even a healthy body mass index or BMI and weight can be supported by Camu Camu.

- BMI: is simply a person’s weight, be it in pounds or kilograms (depending on where you are from), which is then divided by the square of your height in the respected unit of measure (feet or meters).


Studies have proven that our white adipose tissue levels were seen to be normal in experiments when Camu Camu was introduced. High-density lipoprotein (HDL), or "good" cholesterol, was increased when the fruit was consumed. Additionally, it supported normal blood sugar, insulin, triglyceride, and total cholesterol levels. When these vital substances are in balance, your body can eliminate waste materials rather than holding onto them and developing obesity and heart disease, among other problems.


So, with regard to weight loss or simply maintaining a healthy weight, Camu Camu should not be ignored.


This is just a small list of the many benefits that this newly introduced superfood from the Amazon can bring to a healthy lifestyle. And we all know how important maintaining our health is these days with us all now living in a post-pandemic era.


The reality is, simply being oblivious to alternative ways of living a healthy life, is no longer an excuse. The answers to most of our questions are at our fingertips. Therefore, more and more people are seeking out alternative ways to keep living their very best lives – both healthy and happy!

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