Camu Camu The Amazons Leader of Vitamin C
By Chris Waage,
Camu Camu The Amazons Leader of Vitamin C

The fruit with one of the highest vitamin C concentrations among all fruits is the Camu Camu.

This highly sought-after fruit with such a high concentration of vitamin C calls the Amazon its home.


You may or may not know, but the majority of the Amazon is located in Brazil – nearly 60% of it.


Aside from Brazil, however, the Amazon stretches throughout nine different countries in South America: Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana.


Also known as Myrciaria dubia, Camu Camu is both the name of a fruit and the name of the shrub on which it grows.


The fruit-bearing Camu Camu shrub is a native of the Amazon region. Camu Camu is widely eaten there, either as a peeled fruit or as juice. The Camu Camu is grown organically and crushed into a powdered form without destroying the active components. The Camu Camu powder will always be of the finest quality thanks to the slow processing and strict, ongoing inspection.


The wild-grown Camu Camu berries can be found in small trees alongside overbearing rivers in the Amazon rainforest in both Brazil and Peru.




The plant is particularly resistant to flooding and may occasionally withstand being submerged in water for up to five months. The tree blooms in the spring with fragrant white flowers, and in the fall, it bears small, round, smooth, and lustrous violet-red fruits (also known as berries). Typically, they have two stones, juicy, sour meat with pink juice, and a strong scent. They are sometimes referred to as Camu Berries, and they are among the best-known natural items for preventing both disease and rapid aging of the body.


Normal immunological and nervous system function is aided by vitamin C, which also lessens fatigue, boosts iron absorption, shields cells from oxidative stress, and encourages energy utilization.


Fun Fact: In just one serving of Camu Camu powder, you can find nearly 60 times more vitamin C than you’d find in an ordinary-sized orange.


Amino acids, antioxidants, potassium, and other crucial minerals are also abundant in Camu Camu.


The anti-aging benefits of Camu Camu fruit are well known across the globe. The formation of collagen and proteins is greatly aided by the high vitamin C content. When it comes to the skeletal system, blood circulation, and cell regeneration, this magical berry also plays a vital role. From an aesthetic standpoint, it ensures healthy skin, hair, and fingernails. In addition, it also affects how well your teeth and gums are doing. And for those of you that have bleeding gums, this can be music to your ears.


Camu Camu helps even with serum hepatitis since it protects and strengthens the liver. It guards against arthritis and rheumatic diseases. It soothes already present inflammation and lessens joint discomfort, guards against the flu and a cold, and guards against respiratory illnesses including asthma, cough, bronchial illnesses, lungs, and sinus disorders.


This magical-fruit essentially stimulates the natural defenses and boosts our Immune System. Camu Camu should be at the top of your list, if you had to pick just one super fruit to boost your immune system and natural defenses. Because of the vitamin C in it, it is the perfect go-to in cases of exhaustion, viral infection, and stress. Of course, winter usually brings with it an array of viral infections which could wreak havoc on our Immune System, so a dose of Camu Camu is highly recommended during the cold winter months.


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