Complete Health Support with the Tangy Flavor of Ginger
By Chris Waage,
Complete Health Support with the Tangy Flavor of Ginger

In this article, we’re going to cover the vast array of health benefits that Ginger brings to our bodies. Generally speaking, regularly taking Ginger entails giving your body an injection of nutrients, minerals, and bioactive substances that research has shown can be highly beneficial for both mind and body – which is certainly not an easy feat for your everyday spice. Let's focus on a few of those particular advantages right now.


Before we dive into the health benefits, it is worth noting that Ginger is one of the few spices that is at the top of the “spice chain” with regards to human health, than any other spice, and it is also quite inexpensive along with being easily accessible in much of the world.


There’s no mistaking the ‘bite’ that Ginger has. It actually shares a bit of a tangy flavor with other members of the same spice family, including turmeric, cardamon, and galangal. Aside from the tangy similarities, their health advantages run parallel to one another.


More than 60 trace minerals, well over 30 amino acids, more than 500 enzymes and coenzymes, and Ginger's antispasmodic qualities all come together to reduce reactivity within our systems.


Our bodies are constantly under attack from free radicals that are looking to weaken our immune systems. Gingerol, a bioactive substance found in Ginger roots, has recently been connected to a lower risk of infection from these free radicals. This is due to gingerol's capability to effectively suppress the growth of microorganisms linked to illnesses throughout the body.


Moreover, Ginger extract has been utilized in the past to lessen the danger of lung conditions like bronchitis by aiding in the prevention of bacteria growth in the respiratory system. And during certain times of the year when temperatures outside drastically drop, our respiratory systems can take a beating. Therefore, regular consumption of Ginger extract may help people with acute respiratory problems, such as asthma, increase their chances of having healthy and easy breathing.


For some with acute indigestion; which is normally a daily occurrence that can make eating more of a burden than a pleasure, any solution that can reduce these symptoms are always welcomed. Imagine having excruciating, scorching pain in the lower section of the esophagus and stomach after every meal. It’s obviously quite common for many individuals to use the usual over-the-counter remedies to treat this annoying issue, but there are actually much more natural alternatives that are substantially more beneficial and by far healthier overall.


Ginger may be the greatest substitute for these treatments, many of which have a long list of negative side effects; as most over-the-counter drugs usually do. Because of its association with quicker stomach emptying, which helps ease pain and discomfort in this area of the body after a meal, the Ginger root has been used to treat indigestion for ages.


In terms of cholesterol, as we increase in age, these levels become more and more critical to maintain. Lipoproteins, or "bad" cholesterol, tend to accumulate as we become older. If left untreated, this puts more strain on the heart and circulatory system and can result in major health issues like heart attack and stroke. Many people follow specific diets high in foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, which have been found to aid in the fight against inflammation and lower bad cholesterol, to aid with this.


That said, foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids like flaxseeds, salmon, and walnuts aren't the only ones that can aid in the battle against cholesterol. According to research, Ginger consumers can also lower their lipoprotein levels, which in turn, decreases unwanted pressure on both the heart and circulatory system.


Speaking of the heart, it is arguably one of the most significant organs in the body – it’s the source of it all. The heart, which serves as the body's engine, is crucial in pumping blood through the circulatory system so that nutrients may reach every region of the body.


The sad and simple fact is, highly stressed individuals with habitual high-fat eating habits that are loaded with cholesterol, are the leading causes of the increasing number of risks to the heart.


Therefore, it is crucial to routinely eat foods that have been proven to help in preventing heart disease and its related conditions, such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.


In contrast, Ginger has been demonstrated to lower blood and fat levels, reducing the likelihood that obesity and high cholesterol putting too much strain on the veins, arteries, and the heart itself. Overall, Ginger's effects may play a significant role in preventing the onset of heart disease.


We all have been pre-programmed to just go to the drugstore and buy the product that has been highly marketed to us by big pharma. That has been going on for decades, but that time has passed. Natural health remedies are all around us and it just takes a bit of education to realize that the answers to most of our health issues come from mother earth.

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