Magical History from the Sri Lankan Tree of Life (Part 7)
By Chris Waage,
Magical History from the Sri Lankan Tree of Life (Part 7)

Hail to the King of the Coconuts


As we’ve already discussed, King Coconuts primarily call Sri Lanka home. This small island that sits on the tip of India, is where most King Coconuts are predominately grown. That said, Indonesia also has prime soil for King Coconut growth as well and is a player in the global commercial distribution of the fruit.


There’s an area in Sri Lanka called the ‘Coconut Triangle’, and this is the “zone” where these beauties actually come from. This “triangle” sits between three cities on the small island:


Gampaha, Kurunegala and Puttalam.


Enough with the introductions – let’s get down to it – let’s get down to the Health Benefits!


King Coconuts have been utilized therapeutically by Ayurvedic practitioners for ages.


- Ayurvedic Practitioner: Are medical professionals with additional training in pathology and disease management. Ayurveda Is an alternative medical system/treatment with historical roots in the Indian culture that takes into account all areas of your life and is a system based on the idea that disease is caused by an imbalance or stress in one’s life and/or their consciousness.


Aside from King Coconuts being used in an alternative medical way, we will be going deeper into the following benefits in our next article, but for now just know that the water produced from the King Coconut, is suggested for consumption by pregnant women as well as mothers whom have chosen to nurse their children. The water is also used topically for babies with heat rash and given to infants with intestinal problems.


In addition, it is used to treat those dealing with kidney issues and has been found to be quite effective against urinary tract infections.


The water found inside the King Coconut is frequently prescribed for its cooling properties; even though it is grown in the hot, humid tropics.


This year-round fruit, offers something every active person requires to maintain their high energy levels – electrolytes.


Restoring your electrolytes is one of the King Coconut water's many positive health benefits.

If you are unfamiliar with electrolytes and what they do to the body, they essentially keep it active and functioning all day long by maintaining your body's lines of communication. Your tissues, fluids, and cells are linked to the “communication lines” throughout your body to accomplish this. 


In addition, these electrolytes keep your muscles relaxed, facilitating speedier neuronal transmission. Whether we like it or not, we lose electrolytes throughout the day, just by sweating. So, if you increase that process with strenuous activity, then your electrolytes are depleting at a higher rate.


All that said, there’s no surprise that King Coconut water plays an essential role in our daily active lives.


Ordinary water just won’t cut it anymore. After a workout, athletes of all levels from around the world are making the switch to coconut water to replenish their bodies. This is due to the beverage's high-water content, low calorie count, and abundance of necessary electrolytes.


The simple fact that it can function as a natural substitute for commercial energy drinks that are choke-full of additives, it can easily be referred to as Natures Sports Drink.


King Coconut water, which has nearly four times as much potassium as bananas, is a great option to drink after strenuous exercise since it promotes muscle repair – which equals muscle growth – and that’s music to anyone’s ears that spends time building and maintaining their bodies.


King Coconuts Pack a Nutritional Punch!


The nutritional value derived from a King Coconut is quite astonishing and are vital in maintaining a healthy body. The following nutrients can be found in a King Coconut:


- Fiber

- Protein
- Carbohydrates
- Vitamin C (a crucial Immune System fighting nutrient)
- Manganese
- Magnesium
- Potassium
- Calcium
- Sodium


It’s worth noting that there is a minor quantity of fat in the water of a King Coconut; which contains upwards of 95% water. Don’t make the mistake of thinking coconut water and coconut milk is the same – that’s hardly the case.


Coconut water comes from a King Coconut, whilst coconut milk is the extracted substance from a mature common coconut. It’s worth noting, that in terms of natural sweetness, the “King” reigns supreme and is found to be the sweeter of the two.


To be continued…

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