Magical History from the Sri Lankan Tree of Life (Part 8)
By Chris Waage,
Magical History from the Sri Lankan Tree of Life (Part 8)

Hail to the King of the Coconuts


As we continue discussing the health benefits of King Coconuts, let’s further cover how the “King” may also be especially beneficial for mothers to-be.


Aside from the fact that King Coconuts are rich in vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes, they also have a very high folate content. Folate, also known as folic acid, is extremely important for the development of the fetus.


The Neural Tube develops and forms throughout the first four to six weeks of pregnancy and interestingly enough, the Neural Tube eventually develops into the baby’s brain, spinal column and the cord itself. It’s the magic of life!


A deficiency in folic acid, could be cause for concern for pregnant mothers to-be.




When folate is low during a pregnancy, it raises the possibility that the baby may lose bladder and bowel control, as well as develop leg paralysis. Simply with these possibilities, a mother to-be must ensure that they consume an adequate amount of folate throughout the pregnancy; but it’s imperative to keep these levels at their peak in the earlier stages - between the fourth and sixth weeks.


So, it goes without saying, with King Coconuts having such a high content of folate, they should definitely become a part of a pregnant women’s daily consumption.


With new COVID variants popping up left and right, there’s a major focus on antioxidants.


A strong and stable Immune System is of the utmost importance – especially during these recent times the world has all lived through.


Another benefit of the King Coconut are the antioxidants which are found in its water.


A quick lesson on antioxidants: they are basically a substance that eliminates oxidizing agents. These agents have a high probability at becoming harmful to our bodies in the form of free radicals. These free radicals seek molecules from one’s skin to make up for their lost ones; as they are quite unstable. In turn, this causes your skin to age more quickly than it should, which leads to wrinkles and skin conditions.


Coincidently, there is a way to combat these free radicals – and it comes in the form of antioxidants.


Since King Coconuts contain antioxidants, you may ‘shield’ your skin from the harmful free radicals by drinking the water from this health benefiting fruit. And as most of us are chasing the fountain of youth, maintaining youthful, radiant skin, is high on the priority list!


Water is Life


At this point, it’s quite obvious that the King Coconut can play an essential role in a healthy lifestyle. But most of us probably aren’t aware of how beneficial water from a King Coconut actually is.


We can go about three weeks without food, but only 3-4 days without water.


Aside from water being a necessity for life, not having enough fluids in our bodies can lead to the formation of kidney stones. The process goes like this: oxalate, calcium, and other chemicals are first combined to produce kidney stones. These substances adhere to your kidney and urinary tract, forming crystals that will eventually continue to grow until they become kidney stones.


Could simply drinking enough plain water prevent kidney stones? The short answer is, yes. But, surprisingly, the water from a King Coconut has been proven to be superior to just regular water in the prevention of kidney stones. The water from a King Coconut cleans your urinary tract by removing crystals that have built up on your kidneys and urinary tract itself. What does this mean? Basically, the kidney stones won't develop because the crystals won't be able to grow. And for those who have experienced kidney stones – you’d try anything not to get them again. Talk about painful!


The Beating Heart

Pointing to another one of the many benefits of King Coconut’s, let’s talk about the source of it all – the heart. Studies have provided us with data that the water from a King Coconut enhances blood circulation and leads to lower blood pressure. The is music to our ears, because low blood circulation and high blood pressure are two main sources of heart disease.


In addition to defending our Immune System, its antibacterial and antiviral qualities found in the “King” also serve to strengthen the body's Immune System. Taking that a step further, the presence of magnesium found in King Coconut water, has been demonstrated to help diabetic patients with blood sugar regulation.


So, this native Sri Lankan fruit – the King Coconut (Cocos Nucifera) or otherwise famously known as Thembili, truly is a gift from mother earth. Calling the coconut tree, The Tree of Life, ultimately fits perfectly. The many health benefits this tree provides us all, is nothing short of a miracle.


It goes without saying, if you haven’t incorporated the King Coconut into your diet, then it’s time to do just that!

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