Shielding the Immune System with Elderberries
By Chris Waage,
Shielding the Immune System with Elderberries

The Elderberry isn’t just your average berry – not by a longshot. Belonging to the Sambucus tree, the name Elderberry, refers to many different varieties of the tree itself – which is coincidently also referred to as a flowering plant. Confused yet? Don’t be, we’re here to keep things simple and tell you about the health benefits that the Elderberry offers with regards to protecting our immune system.


One of nature's most effective superfoods, Sambucus black Elderberry is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that can support your immune system and shield you from oxidative stress.


With a long history of use, Elderberries have been used to support healthy people's immune systems in a safe, balanced manner without overstimulating their systems.


The use of Elderberries, the deep purple berries from the Sambucus tree, dates back many centuries. The berries are naturally abundant in polyphenols, powerful substances that give them their rich purple color as well as numerous health advantages like antioxidant activity, support for the heart, and appropriate blood sugar control. It’s worth repeating, that it has been demonstrated the Elderberry provides secure, balanced immunological support without overstimulating the immune system. This superfood, basically helps in the process of a smooth flowing immune system; which ultimately leads to a healthier life.


Balance is the name of the game when it comes to a healthy immune system.


Elderberry, with all its researched data, has been proven to be quite supportive of this type of balanced immunity and immune system equilibrium. However, it’s worth noting that the Elderberry flower, acts significantly differently than the berry juice or the extract and cannot be regarded as the same as the berry itself. It’s important to understand that the different processing steps of the Elderberry, will vastly alter its properties and levels of health benefits – and there are several various preparations, including Elderberry juice concentrate, Elderberry extract, and Elderberry flower; which of course have all been thoroughly researched. It's also crucial to understand that Elderberry extract differs from Elderberry juice concentrate; research on the two substances reveals some similarities in their biological activities as well as some clear distinctions. Elderberry juice concentrate and extract both seem to improve the immune system's capacity for robust activity and at the end of the day, that’s exactly what we are looking to do here – support our immune system.


When we talk about balance, we’re talking about ways to either maintain or get back to a healthy immune system.


Nutrients found in Elderberry are found to be sky-high!


Let’s talk basic nutrients here for a moment. Antioxidants are usually at the forefront of this discussion and they most certainly are with regards to the Elderberry – they are packed-full of antioxidants.


In terms of vitamin C, there are 52 mg of vitamin C in just one cup of the fruit. When you look at the recommended daily intake, just one cup of Elderberry equates to nearly an impressive 60% of your daily requirements of vitamin C. And as you may or may not already know, vitamin C is a vital antioxidant that helps protect your immune system against free radicals; which ultimately can wreak havoc on your healthy bodies.


Also referred to as ‘roughage’, fiber also plays an essential role in your immune support. It essentially provides support for a healthy flow of food digestion throughout your system. That said, approximately 35% of the daily suggested dietary fiber can be achieved with one cup of Elderberries, which contain 10 grams of fiber.


In addition to the benefits we've already covered, Elderberries may reduce your risk of developing chronic illnesses. As vitamin C, the most prevalent antioxidant in the body, which we already know to be present in Elderberries in naturally high amounts, it will assist to reduce your chance of developing chronic diseases. Additionally, it might help patients by preventing iron deficiency anemia and helping those who have high blood pressure.


It's quite astonishing how this small fruit can pack so much of a beneficial health punch!


Now, we just scratched the surface of the vast array of health benefits associated with the Elderberry. Look for more articles about this amazing superfood in weeks to come.

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