Sowing Your Wild Oats with Oat Straw
By Chris Waage,
Sowing Your Wild Oats with Oat Straw

As you are about to find out, there are many reasons why Oat Straw has been used as a recognized food and heath source for so long. The stem and leaves of the Avena sativa plant (as it’s formally known as) are used to make Oat Straw, a nutritious and nutritional byproduct. Oat Straw is widely known for its abundant vitamin and mineral content, which may explain why many herbalists believe it to be a naturally effective energy booster. Traditional healthcare providers used this surprisingly adaptable ancient grain for tonics, tinctures, and teas in addition to its longstanding reputation as a powerful health tonic. The nutrient-dense Oat Straw is now widely provided in a far more contemporary manner to suit today’s high demand for natural health remedies.


Since the beginning of time, people from all corners of the globe have consuming oats, in one form or another. The Latin genus name Avena, which means "nourishing," is derived from this word and the word "cultivated" is basically a common term for sativa.


Oat Straw is a widely grown cereal crop that is frequently seeded to prevent soil erosion. When it is time for harvest, usually in August, the fruit and straw are picked. After being sliced and linked together, the stalks are placed upright to dry. Just the dry, crushed stalks make up the straw.



Extract from Avena sativa (Oat Straw), has been reported to be a good aid for the heart in addition to the circulatory system. With regards to maintain a healthy digestive system, Oat Straw with its high fiber content, promotes regular bowel motions – which is vital in keeping our systems in tip-top shape.



Oat straw is loaded with protein, minerals, and vitamins.


Let’s talk chemical components for a moment.


Saponins, flavonoids, sugar, alkaloids (trigonelline, avenine), steroids, calcium, iron, B vitamins, lysine, and methionine are some of the main chemical components of Oat Straw. Alkaloids similarly to gramine and saponins similarly to avenacosides A and B, are found in the seeds of Oat Straw. It’s worth taking note, that the seeds are also a good source of zinc, iron, and manganese, so if you find yourself low in iron (which is quite common depending on your diet), then incorporating Oat Straw into your daily intake may be highly beneficial to your overall health.


Side bar - In addition to the Avena sativa species, which is widely known by the popular name "oat", there is also the Avena fatua species.


Oat Straw can be consumed to support healthy, flexible bones, soothe and repair mucous membranes in the lungs, digestive tract, reproductive organs, and skin, and to relieve anxiety and sadness.


Our nervous system also gets a bit of love from Oat Straw. When our nerves feel frayed or just ‘off’, or we are feeling a bit irritable, ruffled, or burnt out, Oat Straw is a solid go-to herb for supporting the nervous system.


On the flip side, the herb Oat Straw is renowned for its ability to elevate our mood. Have you heard of the phrases "sowing your wild oats" and "feeling your oats"? They both refer to the aphrodisiac properties of oats.


When life gets too intense, having oat straw by your side is a terrific ally. It offers wholesome nourishment in a form that is simple to digest.


It’s interesting to take note that the more we take the time to educate ourselves on the many health benefits we all have access to, in terms of naturally grown remedies from mother earth, health restraints we previously deemed impossible to overcome, may begin to fade in a real, tangible way.


Natural remedies are all around us, we just need to break-free from the old ways and begin to live life we were all meant to live!

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