The Mediterranean’s Green Gift to the World
By Chris Waage,
The Mediterranean’s Green Gift to the World

The Mediterranean is arguably one of the most beautiful places on earth. But aside from its physical beauty that spans across multiple countries, it is also home to some of the most naturally health boosting foods found anywhere else around the globe.


Long-established components of the local Mediterranean diet, are none other than Olives and of course, Olive oil. Olives include polyphenols that have been demonstrated to significantly support a healthy cardiovascular system, along with naturally improving our energy, in addition to strengthening the immune system's capacity to battle any diseases that try to infiltrate our bodies. And in today’s ‘new-world’, that is becoming more and more crucial.


Olive leaves have antiviral characteristics that help maintain our immune system while defending against viruses like the common cold as well as viruses that are far more harmful than just a simple ‘runny-nose’.


As most already know, the immune system is a group of organs, cells, and proteins that constantly guards our body against bacteria, viruses, and other foreign objects.


Unfortunately, most of us only pay attention to our immune system when we are ill or feeling ‘not ourselves’.


When we get ill and our bodies are under attack, our immune system's functionality is weakened. And for those of you with young children, you know that they are more vulnerable than adults are to catching some sort of virus; which is regrettably a common occurrence throughout the school year and becomes heightened during the winter months.


We may assist our immune system and safeguard our health in a variety of ways. A healthy lifestyle can be achieved by proper sleep, good personal hygiene, exercise, and a diet rich in essential fruits and vegetables.


Oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, and other potent substances contained in Olive leaves have been demonstrated in studies to kill invasive species and prevent the replication of viruses that can spread infection.


As previously mentioned, for thousands of years, people have utilized Olive leaves as a natural tonic to enhance cardiovascular health. Similar to the health benefits of Olive oil, they contain a variety of bioactive components with antioxidant, antihypertensive, antiatherogenic, anti-inflammatory, hypocholesterolemia, and hypoglycemic effects.


It has been demonstrated that Olive leaf extract can help lower high cholesterol levels and support to maintain of our bodies normal blood pressure. The major glycoside in Olive leaves, oleuropein, has been proven to relax blood vessels, reduce blood pressure, and guard against cardiovascular disease. Olive leaf has also been found to stabilize blood sugar levels and aid in stopping irregular heartbeats.


As we now know, free radicals are active chemicals that harm DNA synthesis and hasten the aging of our cells. Olive leaves are well known for having antioxidant properties, which aid in fighting these free radicals. In the body, free radicals lead to oxidation, which can lead to degenerative diseases and cardiovascular issues.


Free radicals are fought and neutralized by antioxidants; including Vitamin C and Vitamin E, as well as, Olive leaf extract.


Fresh Olive leaf extract has four times the antioxidant power of vitamin C and almost twice the antioxidant power that that of green tea extract.


Let’s break this traditional over-the-counter drug myth down for you. For as long as most of us can remember, big-pharma have been spending millions upon millions of dollars to market their drugs to the masses. Their products, which are readily available, can be found at just about any pharmacy store imaginable. They have been the go-to suggested ‘remedy’ if we felt our immune systems under attack – and rightfully so. Some of them have been a solid solution when our systems have weakened. However, with that said, what doesn’t get marketed, are the number of side-effects these over-the-counter drugs poise to our bodies. At times, these side-effects end up creating issues that you my never have had prior.


This is the point – it’s time to break-free of the old traditional ways of maintaining our health and boosting our immune systems, the natural way. And natural solutions that the Olive leaf provides our bodies, certainly fit into this new way of thinking about health.   

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